John Lucas expresses himself through his work. He is an artist living in a world that is ruled by the question “What if?” Most of his work is personal because a theme inspires it. John is known worldwide for his marvelous hand mirrors and reveals his methods for making them on his lathe. Not only is John a master woodturner, but his photography skills have also launched many woodworking artists into the next level of their careers. Spend a moment with John Lucas in our “Moment with a Master!”

Superman was able to bend pure steel with his hands! Woodworkers generally don’t have those powers but yet need to bend metal for various projects. Popular Woodworking Magazine’s Tips, Tricks and Techniques shows you how to do it without depending on superhero strength!

The need to drill a flat bottom hole in different sizes while building various woodworking powers is pervasive. Forstner style bits provide the answers. Not all Forstner bits are alike. Find out why Fisch Forstner Bits should be the ones in your shop in our Toolbox segment.

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