Roark Phillips: Chainsaw Wood Carver

Daniel Clay: Chip Carver

Alex Jaynes: Furniture Maker

Judy Gale Roberts: Intarsia

Daniel Corban: Furniture Maker

Geoff Wymer:  Luthier / Woodcarver

Scott DeWaard: Furniture Maker

Caleb Woodard: Furniture Maker

Anne of All TradesWoodworker

Tim Arnold: Shaker Box Maker

Charles Brock: Host / Woodworker

Wyatt Severs: Woodworker

George Wurtzel: Woodworker

Dennis Zongker: Woodworker

Phil Colson: Woodturner

Megan Fitzpatrick: Woodworker / Writer

Grant Batson: Artisan Pipe Maker / Guitar Maker / Woodworker

Christopher Schwarz: – Woodworker, Author, Publisher

Larry Williams: Wooden Hand Plane Maker

Nick Offerman: Actor/Author/Woodworker

Doug Stowe: Furniture & Box Maker / Teacher

Tad Derrickson: Sawyer

Pat Matranga: Woodworker / Woodturner

Len Reinhardt: Furniture Maker, Restorer and Conservator

Robert Johnson: – Furniture Maker

Mike Pekovich – Furniture Maker

Garrett Hack – Furniture Maker

Kelly Maxwell – Furniture Maker / Wood Slabs

Thomas Lie-Nielsen – Fine Toolmaker

Warren May  – Fine Woodworker / Dulcimer maker

Sabiha Mujtaba  – Sculptured Woodworker

Peter Galbert – Chairmaker, Author

Matthew Teague – Furniture maker, Writer & Publisher

Michael Gilmartin – Furniture maker

Don Williams – Woodworker/Author/Conservator

Roger Gramm – Furniture Maker using Vintage Woodworking Machines

Chris Barber – Furniture Maker

Scott Phillips – Furniture Maker, Host of “The American Woodshop”

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory – One of baseball’s biggest names.

Matt Alexander – Furniture Maker – Holler Design

George Walker – Furniture Maker, Author

Glen Huey – Period Furniture Maker, Author, Editor

Mary May – Woodcarver and Teacher

Greg Pennington – Windsor Chairmaker

Kipp Krusa -Luthier

Jake & Luke Herring – Woodworkers and Home and Furniture designers. Tennessee Barn Project

Emily Brock – Kitchen tool maker – Board & Bread

Horsin Around – Chattanooga, Tennessee – Carousel Animal Carvers and Artists

Tim Hintz – “Post and Rung Chairmaker”

Jim Tolpin – “Woodworker, Author, Teacher”

Brad Sells “Sculptural Woodworker”

Gary Rogowski – “Fine Woodworker & Teacher”

Jeff Miller “Chairmaker & Hand Crafted Furniture Maker”

Alf Sharp – “Period Furniture Maker”

Ron Brese – “Maker of fine hand planes for fine woodworking”

Brian Boggs – “Luxury, handmade chairs and furniture”

Craig Nutt – “Fine organic woodworking”

The Moulthrop’s – “The first family of artistic American woodturning”

Roy Underhill – “Master of hand tool woodworking”

Charles Brock – “Sculptured furniture maker and instructor”


Highland Woodworking – “Fine tools since 1978”

Popular Woodworking Magazine

Rikon Power Tools – “Tools designed by woodworkers”

Leigh Jigs

Whiteside Machine Company – “Voted #1 Router Bit by Fine Woodworking Magazine”

Wood Slicer Resaw Blades – “Cuts smoother, works faster, stays sharp longer”

Forrest Manufacturing – “Top quality carbide-tipped saw blades, made in the U.S.A.”

SawStop – #1 Selling Cabinet Saw

FestoolTools for the toughest demands