Moment with a Master: Meet furniture conservator and restorations expert Len Reinhardt. Find out the necessary skills to accomplish this unique work and how Len’s studies and experience prepared him for the work. Observe how he evaluates a piece of furniture for restoration and plans his work to accomplish the owner’s objectives.

Feature: A nineteenth-century guild trained master craftsman, Johann Lotz, built his showcase house at what was to be the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War — The Battle of Franklin, Tennessee. An exclusive look inside the historic Lotz House where we learn about the builder’s amazing story, touch the tools he used and examine his incredible work.

In Fine Woodworking Magazine’s Finer Points, Mike Pekovich demonstrates how to use blue tape to improve cutting dovetails. It’s a tip that will really stick with you!

The Toolbox takes a peek at Paul Sellers new “Essential” book on working wood with handtools.

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