Society of American Period Furniture Maker’s 2015 Cartouche Award winner Dr. Jeff Justis is a “Jack of all trades and Master of all!” Jeff’s woodworking hobby not only inspired his professional pursuits as an orthopedic surgeon it inspired him to create a lifetime of building some of the most beautiful furniture I have ever seen. We invite you to see his work and find out more in our “Moment with a Master!”

Countless woodworkers strive to create a legacy of building furniture that will last 100 years. Richard “Dick” Poyner was a 19th century chair maker and a slave who achieved just that. Learn how Dick built his chairs that are still providing comfort today and hear how chairmaking eventually earned him his freedom.

Master woodworker and teacher Mike Pekovich demystifies the art of creating a proper burr and using the scraper to make a beautiful surface. If you dislike sanding, learn from Mike in this episode’s Fine Woodworking Magazine’s “Finer Points.”
Every shop needs a slow speed grinder for reshaping and sharpening. Take a look at the new Rikon 8” Slow Speed Bench Grinder in The Highland Woodworker “Toolbox” segment.

These stories and more! This time on the Highland Woodworker!