You’ve most likely heard of a hybrid vehicle, but have you ever heard of a hybrid workshop? That’s what we are calling the magical place where high tech machinery and hand tools work together in perfect harmony. Something like that sounded like music to our ears! We found Waldron Instruments where the luthiers there use lasers, cnc, drill presses, chisels and more to build their great looking guitars!

Fine Woodworking Magazine’s John Tetreault has the ‘Finer Points’ on how to make a reclaimed wood project come together!

Master Furniture Maker Robert Johnson is a third generation craftsman, is passionate about his work and also plays a mean banjo on the side. He invited us to his workshop in Memphis, Tennessee. We take a look at some of his current work, projects in progress and even his very first piece he made, at an early age, as a Christmas gift for his father. He will take us through his process of knocking out doors — and just wait until you see the machine he uses that can make square mortises in less than a minute. Oh, did I also mention he spent years on the water as a Marine Biologist? Spend a moment with the incredible Robert Johnson.

Making straight cuts with a hand saw can be a daunting task for woodworkers at any skill level. We take the David Barron Magnetic Dovetail Saw Guide back to my workshop for a test cut. Will the results of this magnetic mechanism be positive or negative? Stick around and find out! ;)

These stories and more — this time on the Highland Woodworker!