Mike Pekovich isn’t the ordinary woodworking magazine art director. He is also a master woodworker whose talents at Fine Woodworking Magazine have significantly influenced thousand of woodworkers over the past nineteen years. I recently visited with Mike in his wonderful Connecticut workshop to hear his story and see how he designs and crafts his beautiful pieces of furniture.

There are tool collectors and then there are real tool collectors. James Currie has been collecting tools of all types for forty years. If you can look past all of his other collectibles, he has most every pre-1950 American made wood or metal plane, auger bit, brace drawknife, saw, hammer and any other tool in his collection. This is a real slice of American tool history authentically presented.

Fine Woodworking Magazine’s “Finer Points” takes hand-cut dovetails to a new level. Assistant Art Director John Tetreault demonstrates his method for crafting mitered dovetails. After watching his demonstration you will want to give them a try.

Every woodworker should be honing their chisels and plane irons for consistent results at the bench. Lie-Nielsen has a new, beautifully machined honing guide that could be a replacement for your Eclipse style guide or be the first and only one you’ll ever buy. Take a look at this excellent tool in our “Toolbox” segment.