As we were driving up a rural, winding Vermont road, we had to abruptly stop to let a flock of chickens cross the road. I looked to see where all those chickens were coming from and saw the perfect hand built workshop and the home of Garrett Hack. Garrett is the “vertically integrated woodworker.” He grows and harvests his own wood, envisions and executes beautifully designed furniture pieces and lives farm to table. Join us as we spend a Moment with Master Woodworker Garrett Hack.

For woodworkers, the International Woodworking Fair has something for all! You can view the effects of the newest woodworking technology with CNC machinery that seems to start with a log and end with a set of cabinets to the latest sharpening equipment for hand tools. Hundreds of thousand of square feet crammed with the newest and the best tools in woodworking. Our feature takes you to IWF 2016!

How do you hand plane thin parts? Fine Woodworking Magazine’s Matt Kenney shows us how he planes his thin box stock with perfect control and excellent results in our “Finer Points” segment.

I use a Tormek T-7 almost every day in my shop for sharpening. Tormek has improved the perfect, power-sharpening machine by introducing the new T-8. See how its new features offer you some amazing benefits in our “Toolbox” segment.

All of this and more – this time on The Highland Woodworker!