Master woodworkers are from many backgrounds. Many are well known but most work their magic privately seeking perfection in each piece. One of our recent masters introduced me to Worth Squire a former songwriter and musician turned woodworker who builds beautiful pieces of furniture while developing novel approaches and techniques especially in the field of marquetry. Worth’s chairs, cabinetry and marquetry pictures are astounding and filled with artistic designs and features developed to execute his vision for each piece. I am sure you will enjoy spending a moment with Master Woodworker Worth Squire.

Live edge “slab” furniture has grown more popular since George Nakashima introduced it in the mid twentieth century. Slab furniture is very popular today and woodworkers are looking for that unique slab to incorporate into their designs. How do you choose a slab and how do you work with it to build that special piece? Kelly Maxwell of Little Branch Farm supplies woodworkers from his huge inventory of prime hardwood slabs and crafts beautiful slab furniture for his customers. Kelly answers our questions and shows us how!

While visiting with Matt (“52 Boxes in 52 Weeks”) Kenney, I was amazed with the fine, crisp, accurate miters on his small delicate boxes. He demonstrates his method for shooting small miters in Fine Woodworking Magazine’s “Finer Points.” This technique will help you make your next set of miters smile!

The exquisite new 12” Dovetail and Small Tenon Saw from Bad Axe Tool Works is several inches longer than most dovetail saws and a little heavier. I tried one out in my shop and after a number of cuts I will tell you what I found out!