When woodworkers start a project, chances are the first thing they reach for is a pencil. Pencils are the product of a lot of woodworking themselves. Musgrave Pencil Company has been mastering the process of making great pencils for over 100 years in their production facility in Shelbyville, Tennessee. Not only will you learn how they get that lead into the middle of that round piece of wood, but you will also learn a secret about the lead that just can’t be erased! Enjoy their story in our “Moment with a Master.”

The buzz around finishing a project may concern BeesWax! Popular Woodworking Magazine’s Tips, Tricks, and Techniques segment might help bring a shine to your next project.

Bessey knows clamps! When I have to pull together a project with multiple angles or can’t be clamped with conventional clamps, I reach for my Bessey Multiple Angle Strap Clamps. Take a look at our ToolBox Feature and see they are important clamps for any shop.