The notes for this segment are hard for me to write! Especially, when yours truly is the subject of the Moment with a Master segment. Yep! It is about your host’s story. How did I journey from being a longtime garage woodworker in a South Georgia town to become your host for The Highland Woodworker? I hope you find it inspirational. Also, find out my key question for planning and organizing a workshop for professional success.

A Sliding Miter Saw is a great tool, but it has limitations! Well maybe not! Andrew Zoellner of Popular Woodworking Magazine shares the Tips, Tricks and Techniques that will erase those limitations and make the Sliding Miter Saw the champion it should be in your shop!

¬†Want to cut an absolutely, honest to goodness, no fooling around straight line with a circular saw without spending an arm or a leg? Look what BORA has done for you! Find Out in this episode’s ToolBox segment.