Wyatt Severs is the youngest woodworker we have featured in our “Moment with a Master” series. I found some of his amazing work online and had to know more about him. So first, I read his biography and was blown away by his resume. Wyatt has already taught at all the prestigious woodworking schools in the country, built a wonderful gallery of artistic studio furniture commissions and he is just in his early thirties. Meet the talented Wyatt Severs.

Last week, I was making a “Money Cut” on my bandsaw and found that I had some little waves or “Flutter!” on the band sawed surface. If only I had seen Popular Woodworking Magazine’s “Tips, Tricks and Techniques” segment for this episode, I could have avoided the “Flutter!” Watch as Tom Caspar lets you in on the secret!

This episode’s “Toolbox” segment introduces a new Leigh Dovetail Jig! We’ll show you what the TD330 can do!

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