Before Jerry Spady became a full time woodworker he was a bench scientist. He used those skills from his days in the lab to help solve an issue he had in his shop. The experiment concluded with, what he believes, is a new material that bends the limits of woodworking. Spend a moment with the very colorful Jerry Spady, and see how he uses his very own discovery in many of his masterpieces.

Meet a superb sawyer who cuts to the heart of the matter, telling us all about the careful considerations that go into getting the best boards from a log. Then he will fire up his saw, and shows us how he does it!

Fine Woodworking Magazine’s Finer Points presents to us a smart solution to laying out curves while working solo in your shop!

Once those curves are drawn out — you might need a special saw to cut into those tight places. Don’t fret, Highland Woodworking’s Ed Scent shows off the latest line of sturdy saws from Knew Concepts.

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