We recently journeyed to Warren, Maine to visit with Thomas Lie-Nielsen. Growing up he was immersed in a culture of boat builders and makers of all types. Thomas tells us how he became a maker of some of the most coveted fine woodworking hand tools made today in our “Moment with a Master!”

Fine Woodworking Magazine is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. In our “Feature,” Editor Tom McKenna tells the magazine’s story and takes us on a tour of some iconic woodworking artifacts displayed in their Newtown, Connecticut facility. Tom also shared with us how the magazine is produced from article proposal to publication.

Matt Kenney has been on a woodworking quest to build fifty-two different boxes in fifty-two weeks. In Fine Woodworking’s “Finer Points” he shows us how becoming “Unhinged” has him build a beautiful collection of boxes!

Charles Brock has been in search of the perfect hand held all-purpose router for his “Tool Box.” The winning choice made him smile!

These stories and more, this time on the Highland Woodworker!