Moment with a Master:  Furniture maker and author, George Walker, has unlocked a building and design code that dates back centuries ago. Hear how he applies what he has uncovered everyday in his Canton, Ohio shop!

Feature: Ever wonder what it takes to build a windsor chair? Greg Pennington shows us his special technique, and part of it includes lasers!

Popular Woodworking’s Tips, Tricks and Techniques: David Thiel gives us a bit of advice when it comes to which route to take when it comes to picking out the perfect hand routers for your shop!

Generation Next: Emily Brock took her passion for food and woodworking to create exclusive kitchen tools that look so nice you almost feel guilty for using them!

Tool Box: We’ll take a look at the Knew Concepts Woodworker’s Aluminum Fretsaw’s cutting edge design.

All of this and more…this time on The Highland Woodworker!!