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A Season 3 (ep.11-16) Special Feature

Chris Barber imageChris Barber owns Barber Woodworking located just a couple of miles south of downtown Nashville, TN. This young woodworker became fascinated with the craft after realizing this is not a mandatory playbook for designing furniture. The freedom of using his imagination with inspiration from the many masters in the woodworking community keeps him enthusiastically going to his shop every day, and continuing to make wonderful pieces for his ever growing client list. His story is featured in our 16th episode.

Matt Alexander

Young furniture designer, maker Matt Alexander has created a successful business building simple, affordable hand made furniture for some of North America’s trendy restaurants. He invited us into his ‘Holler Design’ workshop, which used to be a general store decades ago in the small town of Lascassas, TN, and shared his inspiring story about leaving the restaurant world as a waiter, and what it took to build quite a name for himself name in that industry. Check out his story in our 15th episode.
Emily Brock is one the young woodworker’s today who is driven by a purpose. Her father told her it is hard to make a living at woodworking and she is out to do it anyway! She has a love for cooking and making the kitchen utensils she needs in her shop. Pie servers, salad sets, spoons and cutting boards are the bases for a thriving business. She learns as she goes, but every item is beautifully crafted just like her marketing plan. Emily knows how to get her work to market and you can find out how when you watch our 14th episode.

JalenJalen Waggoner is a master in the making. With a lot of inspiration from his dad and entire family, this Indiana teenager learns from the biggest names in the industry, and turns their heads when they see the dramatic furniture he creates. Learn more about Jalen and see his masterpieces in Episode 13’s Generation Next segment.


Jake and Luke PhotoJake and Luke Herring are two popular woodworkers in the Middle Tennessee area. Their shop is in Thompson’s Station, a town about a half hour south of Nashville. Their love for building started at an early age while helping their dad and grandfather around an Oklahoma and Texas ranch. Today they are tearing down old barns and reclaiming the rustic wood, and calling it The Tennessee Barn Project. You’ve just got to see some of the home and furnishing designs these two creative siblings have produced. The Herring brothers Generation Next segment is on our 12th episode of The Highland Woodworker.

Ian Grundner  is an amazing woodworker. Hear his story on our upcoming episode!

Ian Grundner is an amazing woodworker. Hear his story now on our 11th episode!

Ian Grundner ventured into the woodworking world at an early age, helping his dad out with home improvement projects. After years of dedication, Ian has hand crafted jaw dropping furniture. Learn more about Ian in our very first Generation Next segment in Episode 11.

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