While touring exhibits eight years ago, a collection of beautiful tiger Maple furniture eagerly drew my attention. The furniture had that curly maple “pop” that woodworkers desire and value. That day I met a young maker named Daniel Corban whose work I have seen at prestigious exhibits like the famous Masters Show. His knowledge of history and traditional woodworking skills come into play as he redesigns period pieces for today’s homes. Learn more about Daniel in this episode’s Moment with a Master.

I have a nice collection of push sticks for my table saw, but they all have their pros and cons. The purpose is to propel the stock forward with pressure against the table while keeping it against the fence. It can prove to be nerve-wracking, especially narrow stock! Micro-Jig developed the GRR-Ripper to take the angst out of ripping on the table saw. See it in our ToolBox segment.

How many times have you discovered your clamps were too short for your project? Popular Woodworking Magazine’s Tips, Tricks and Techniques offers a remedy.

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