The Highland Woodworker – Highland Woodworking’s 40th Anniversary Special

Earlier this year, Highland Woodworking in Atlanta, Georgia threw a big party to celebrate their 40 year milestone. Hundreds showed up to meet and learn from several of the most well-known names in woodworking:

Nick Offerman: Not only is he an actor and best-selling author, Nick is a fantastic woodworker! Our in-depth conversation covers everything from his favorite pieces that he makes to his partnerships with organizations doing great things with wood for their community. Plus, hear all about the Offerman Woodshop!

Roy Underhill: It’s been a while since we have visited with everyone’s favorite woodwright! Hear what’s new with Roy, and learn some interesting tidbits about how he shoots each episode of one of the longest running shows on television, “The Woodwright’s Shop!”

Thomas Lie-Nielsen: When it comes to fine hand tool makers, Lie-Nielsen Toolworks is one of the world’s most recognized names in the business. Thomas gives us some plane advice when it comes to selecting the right Lie-Nielsen hand planes for you.

These great interviews, plus Popular Woodworking Magazine’s David Thiel has simple way of remembering your router’s rotation! This time on a special edition of The Highland Woodworker!