Moment with a Master – Don Williams was in charge of caring for and conserving some of America’s most precious treasures for decades at the Smithsonian Institution. This iconic woodworker, scholar and author has turned his talents to translating Andre Roubo’s volumes from french to english so today’s woodworkers can build excellent furniture. Don invited us to his secluded barn workshop in the Virginia Highlands for a moment with a extraordinary master.

Feature – “They don’t build them like they used to!” Roger Gramm is thoroughly convinced of that statement. He loves vintage woodworking machines and shows a few of his favorites. Roger will actually have you exploring the possibilities after you listen to his story and seeing them in action.

Generation Next – Chris Barber is a young professional woodworker who turned to furniture making when he learned he didn’t have to follow mandated rules. We go to his shop, check out his gallery and learn how he markets himself to potential clients in this day and age.

Popular Woodworking’s Tips, Tricks and Techniques – David Thiel keeps a mostly forgotten tool in his back pocket. There should be a rule that you do too, because it is perfect for so many applications.

Toolbox – Auriou 12″ Cabinet Rasp. All of Charles Brock’s chair making students want to use his, if they don’t have their own. You can work big and small with this fine tool. Find out why it is a must for shaping up your shop.