MOMENT WITH A MASTER: Mary May is not only a great architectural woodcarver, she teaches hundreds of woodworkers the art online. Before Mary studied carving with masters on three continents she found a love of carving in three dimensions as a young teen carving a pumpkin. Find out how she pursued her dream in this “Moment with a Master.”

FEATURE: Nashville luthier Kipp Krusa’s guitars not only sing when played they are beautifully designed and crafted to meet the particular needs of the artist. Learn what goes into making a great guitar.

POPULAR WOODWORKING MAGAZINE’S TIPS TRICKS & TECHNIQUES: Glen Huey teaches what we need to know about shellac before we buy it off the rack!

GENERATION NEXT: Two brothers take down old barns and use the wood to make great furniture and more. Find out about The Tennessee Barn Project.

All of this and more this time on THE HIGHLAND WOODWORKER!